Hi, I'm Liza Jivnani.

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophestication." - Leonardo da Vinci

I am an undergraduate student at University of South Florida majoring in Computer Science. I am researching at the Affective Computing & Computer Vision lab, advised by Dr. Shaun Canavan . My research examines Human-AI collaboration in stressful envirnments, deciphering the construct of loneliness with a focus on interplay of loneliness with emotions and various socio economic metrics.
I am fascinated by the idea of emotion regulation via sensory modalities like using touch, music, and/or aroma for therapeutic purposes.

You can find my CV here, research on Google Scholar and latest thoughts on Twitter.


Predicting Loneliness from Subject Self Report
L. Jivnani, Fallon Goodman, Jon Rottenberg, and Shaun Canavan
Affective Computing, and Intelligent Interaction main Conference, 2023 held at MIT Media Lab.
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Toward Understanding Children's Use and Understanding of User Authentication Systems
M. Chaudhary, S. Aathreya, Y. Peng, H. Wang, J. Brabazon, R. Harris, L. Jivnani, L. Mondesir, N. Wai, L. Anthony, S. Canavan, J. Ruiz, and T. Neal.
USENIX Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS), 2022
Task-based Classification of Reflective Thinking using a Mixture of Classifiers
S. Aathreya, L. Jivnani, S. Srivastava, S. Hinduja, and S. Canavan
Affective Computing, and Intelligent Interaction Workshops, 2021
Received best paper Award
Multimodal Temporal Modeling of Emotion using Physiological Signals
S. Hinduja, M. Bilaspur L. Jivnani, S. Jannat, and S. Canavan
Random Forest Regression for continuous affect using Facial Action Units
S. Hinduja, S. Canavan L. Jivnani, S. Jannat,and V. Kumar